Vin De Lame Winebarrel Fire Pits

For the enthusiast, drinking and tasting wine is more than a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Add interest to your outdoor living space while acknowledging your love for the grape! The Reserve by Vin de Flame is a half barrel fire pit with a tabletop.  It is perfect for accenting spaces around your yard or venue with taking up too much space.  Choose from 40,000 BTU or 80,000 BTU burners and your choice of fire glass color.  Barrel encloses a standard propane tank and is on casters for easy movement and table top is a relaxing 26 inches tall. Choose from three table top options; Rustic Wood Top, Wood Stave or a Granite Top in 42" or 48". Vin de Flame wine barrel fire pit tables bring the flavor of the vineyards into outdoor living spaces. Each fire pit is unique and tells its own story because it’s made out of a real wine barrel that was used in the production of wine.

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