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Gas Log Installation Worksheet

The dialogue presented here in question and answer form helps us to formulate our best recommendation to you to help you make an educated decision for your home. While we will make every attempt to advise you based on our experience, ultimately the decision to purchase is yours. We offer a variety of fireplace technologies, sizes, shapes and colors and for this reason, it would be nearly impossible to make recommendations to you without you providing the information requested on this form. All recommendations are based on the the information provided here being true and accurate. Any variation in the customer provided information may result in delays, mis-orders and addiction charges. Please note that any stock order that is shipped into Southern Hearth and Patio will be subject to a restocking fee of 20% and special order items will not be able to be returned or refunded once those items are made and or shipped from our manufacturer. 

 Most gas appliances require regular service and in many cases their service requires a cleaning of dust and debris from the pilot assembly. Once cleaned, and working, the appliance is considered serviced and repaired unless otherwise noted by our service technician. Any return trips in the days, weeks, and months after the service will be billable, and any failures of the appliances due to accumulated dust and debris after the date of service is considered an additional, billable service. In home service calls for gas logs and wall heaters can be serviced at the rate of $109.95 per man-hour, and covers general cleaning of the logs, burners and pilot assemblies. Any replacement parts and accessories such as replacement embers, lava rock, batteries and additional décor pieces are not included, but available to purchase at the time of service. Multiple appliances in a single home are priced at $109.95 for the first and $99.95 for each additional appliance and includes up to 1 hour per appliance service. Additional service time is billed at the rate of $99.95 hour. An option for lighting pilots only exists for $69.95 per appliance and does not include cleaning or dusting. This service includes up to 15 minutes of labor time per appliance.

 Any parts warranty will be honored in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s warranty if the grill was originally, sold by Southern Hearth and Patio, however the labor to replace them is billable and payable at the time of repair.

If the appliance was not sold and installed by Southern Hearth and Patio, all parts and labor are billable and the customer may try to apply for reimbursement from the supplier from which it was bought and or installed. Replacement parts carry no in home labor warranty of any kind. When the service is preformed and approved by the customer, the job is then considered complete any return trips after 24 hours will be considered a new service job and billable as such. 

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