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Grill Service Worksheet

If servicing a grill please tell us what the problem(s) seems to be

In home grill service and cleaning is billed $109.95 for the first man hour and $99.95 for each additional man hour as well as additional drive fees for services preformed more than 30 miles from our store. Grill cleanings cannot be preformed in inclement weather or in temperatures under 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Considerations for weather should be allowed in the cooler months. Return trips to install non-stocked parts will be billed at $109.95 plus drive fees for services performed over 30 miles and includes 1 man-hour of labor. Any jobs requiring two people will be billed at $199.95 per hour. 

Any parts warranties will be honored in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s warranty if the grill was originally sold by Southern Hearth and Patio, however, any charges for shipping and any labor to replace them is billable and payable at the time of repair.

If the grill was not sold and installed by Southern Hearth and Patio, all parts and labor are billable and the customer may try to apply for reimbursement from the supplier from which it was bought and or installed. Replacement parts carry no in home labor warranty of any kind. When the service is preformed and approved by the customer, the job is then considered complete any return trips after 24 hours will be considered a new service job and billable as such.

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